Instant Messaging coexistence can be a requirement in two possible situations:

  • The customer is merging two (or more) Instant Messaging domains and wants to offer coexistence to all users so they can interact with each other whilst moving towards a common solution
  • The customer is migrating from one Instant Messaging product to another and wants to offer coexistence during the migration because they simply have too many users to move at once

The IMCollaboration Buddy List Migrator can help you in both of these situations. As the migration/merge is going on, we can synchronize buddy lists for users moving from one product to the other. This works seamlessly if the Instant Messaging services are running on different domains.

You may have heard that two Instant Messaging services cannot be supported whilst using the SAME domain. This is technically true if you are simply linking one Instant Messaging Product to another using their built-in federation features - this will not work.

However, there is a solution available using a combination of the IMCollaboration Buddy List Migrator and the back-end federation services of our partner, Nextplane.

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Instant Messaging Coexistence

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